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World War Banner

As WWH wages on over in the funny books, David Banner continues to drop bombs on “black leaders” in the form of songs, open letters and interviews. I do think he should go on Sharpton’s show, even if that would mean a ratings coup to big perm, it stands as an opportunity to increase his […]

Be Specific

So, i stumbled upon the cleavage blog during my constant pursuit of fantastical funbags. Recently, the cleavage blog guy updated w/links to a few other sites that specialize in providing very specific content. It’s kinda like a new millenium Fat Chicks in Party Hats, but, obviously way easier on the eyes.

Crossing Colors

What is summertime w/out bright jubilant colors? Our trip to Hawaii provided the opportunity for me to down a half&half of Young’s Chocolate Stout and Lindemans Lambic Framboise. at the time, my girl was rockin’ a cream/ brown/ red frock. i guess my bevvy was inspired. so, this summer, i suggest you drink what you […]

Quantifying Hip-Hop

Straight Bangin’ released the findings, then gave the numbers some thought (peep the included spreadsheet). Whether the list could be considered CANON! or not is debateable (read the comments), but most would agree that it is hardly garbage, despite it’s biases. Elsewhere, dkpresents… flipped a remix of a sample.  UPDATE: the conversation continues to rage […]

New Url For Y’all

so, i’ve settled upon audibly, at (dot) yamomzcrib dot com. ((those single parentheses, that’s a de-emphasis. these double ones, that’s kinda like an aside. )) the at yamomzcrib jokes will persist, of course, it’s the entire reason this url exists. so, i will continue to watch the pron, get my kicks buffed and take […]