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the greatest picture of all time.

the singlemost greatiest pick-churr of all times, period this can not be debated. i have held onto this pic for longer than i can remember. jayde nicole steele. jade steele. whatever her club name is. this pic was lifted from an open directory on the gamecrib website. i snatched a couple others, made some desktops, […]

Go Hard

What does a guy who makes suit of armor to fight bears and a dude who draws comics featuring naked witches and sexy kittens have in common? The talented Dave Campbell shows what man can achieve when he ignores his detractors and decides to Go Hard.

skrung owt.

[audio:FamLay – Strung Out.mp3] so, this broad is a crackhead now. or, a meth head, as some folks over at okp say. either or, it’s fairly disgusting to know that she used to look like this, and tote around one of these. the okp link can take you to the source and to some updates […]