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need moar tuba.

this is how my mind works. saw helen mirren w/them big ol’ lady breastessess, which led to… cuba gooding jr., which lead to… tuba gooding jr., which leaves us here [Audio clip: view full post to listen] the roots – 75 bars and now, MOAR TUBAZ. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] rosco p. […]

top (twenty)five dead or alive.

so, straight bangin’ put out a call to list the greatest 25 hip hop records of all time. i’m pretty sure i’ve missed the cutoff point for submissions, but it’s a slow(er) workday and i put in some work at organizing my list. as much as i respect kane, ll, fresh prince, bdp, etc… i […]

the greatest picture of all time.

the singlemost greatiest pick-churr of all times, period this can not be debated. i have held onto this pic for longer than i can remember. jayde nicole steele. jade steele. whatever her club name is. this pic was lifted from an open directory on the gamecrib website. i snatched a couple others, made some desktops, […]