where’s my money, honey? (part 1)

inspired by Chris Sims’ fantastic writeup of Luke Cage demanding his scrilla, i decided to find the absolute best image (quality wise) from the intarweb as possible.

Cage, Doom, Money Honey

the original goal was a typical “big image w/ sound file” post including a link to Sims’ blog. i even had a nice little song picked out and that would be that.


however, along the way, a few cool things happened…

like, finding a shitload of remixes of got your money from all across the internets.

which, was sorta perfect, because i had already decided to start remixing the picture myself.

for years ((i think the first time i “said” it was in a paper i wrote for one of those freshman writing classes at dear ol’ state)), I have been saying that hip-hop is the cornerstone of our cut’n’paste culture. this “project” has showed me how things have advanced and how everyone is borrowing from everyone. Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V, indeed.

as we continue along this jurnee, we will see the true glory of samples, allusions, remixes, refixes, slight winks/nudges and everything that incorporates how my brain works.

or, something like that…