Spit Hot Fire

Even though some people may have a problem admitting they are, indeed, a rapper (not a businessman, not a motivational speaker, not the manager at sunglass hut), Killer Mike reminds us of why many of us wish we could be top 5 like Dylan.

take me out w/the fader.

Magic Angel

i used to fux w/the fader, hard. i’ve probably still got a few of those first issues in my closet. next to my lifesucksdie, old complex, a few issues of trace and other shit i used to pick up from tower on south st. tossed it in my bookbag, and was on my way. out of all of those mags, the only one i still get is marc ecko’s. i should probably give that up, too, seeing as though the complex blog is pretty good and that hypebeast gets me all the sneaker news i need.

fader deserves props for putting the mag up on itunes and consistently providing an audio mix that coincides w/every issue. i dig that and they deserve props for that. not to mention, they get past the job’s firewall and provided the vice do’s/don’ts worthy image above. dude is officially doin’ too much.

this must be our time.

This Must Be Our Time

or, at least, Matthew Snyder thinks that spending any more time waiting for i’ll sleep when your dead is a bad idea.

Towards Classification

Status gets a helping hand from commenter DocZeus, who hijacks this post about the recent 50 and Cam beef to break down the difference between flow-ers, lyricists and the adlib generation.

Go Hard

What does a guy who makes suit of armor to fight bears and a dude who draws comics featuring naked witches and sexy kittens have in common? The talented Dave Campbell shows what man can achieve when he ignores his detractors and decides to Go Hard.