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on repeat: motown 25.

[audio:blackmilk-motown25.mp3] get the entire mixtape over at hiphopdx.

gettin’ arabs, money.

while smart alec’s like ta-hennesy and the bourgie crew discuss white people music, i’ve decided to keep things lowbrow with this bus a bus who makes an interesting political statement about the global economy.  sure, jigga was spendin’ euros in plural ((no matter how he stretched it, that doesn’t rhyme)) but that new shit is […]

sometimes, i feel like…

[audio:joebudden-whopt1.mp3] Joe Budden, “Who?” pt 1. [audio:joebudden-whopt2.mp3] Joe Budden, “Who?” pt 2.

to be bigger than the hnic.

[audio:richboy-haterswish.mp3] i’m a sucker for self-samplin’ Rich boy explains that the name bigger than the mayor comes from a recent visit to a school, meanwhile philadelphia’s jersey tuckin’ mayor {via} continues to back annie oakley. You’ll never get a shot at making an hnic part 2 if you keep dressin’ and endorsin’ like that, you […]

make love in this office.

[audio:loveinthisclubhurricaneivanstheofficemix.mp3] Love In This Club (Hurricane Ivan’s ‘The Office’ Mix) {via} i’ve been looking for an excuse to use this picture of Michael Scott for some time now. strictly because i want to be able to link to it as a form of saying “that’s what she said.” i suppose this song is as good […]