the joker i know and love.

a lil’ late, but here’s a great writeup describing The Man Who Laughs.  which also inspired a great piece On Luthor.  I’ve never been into the DC books.  but, i don’t know if this could be done for any of the Marvel supervillains.  still, I’ll keep my eyes open for the DOOM and Magneto writeups, just in case.

this is exactly why i thought Ledger’s SCARY FUCKIN’ CLOWN joker was perfect. that image of the smiling crowbar wielding joker is the one that i know the best. i first discovered it while flippin’ through a book at Fat Jack’s Comic Crypt in junior high. i’ve never forgotten it. through coke-white faced Nicholson, various cartoon versions and the various plush and plastic incarnations.

no sound or thought bubbles on those panels.  just the smile. that scary fuckin’ clown. that’s the joker i know and love.

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