aweemaway, aweemaway.

Young Dro
“laffy taffy polo clothes.”

[audio:young dro – gangsta.mp3]

in the above track, youthful droseph provides a fantastic example of free association. best thang smokin’ also has some of the most delectable & colorful (pun intended) uses of language in recent memory.

  • orange like the chico stick
  • wrist pinker than miss piggy
  • sour apple green jolly rancher icon
  • viper look like apple food.
  • ice look like raspberry
    and, my favorite…
  • car flop purple when the sun come, when it get dark, man that thing be lookin’ drum plum

seriously, me and dro could do this for days. it’s quite obvious that dro is a lover of Colour. i wonder if he has a username over there. i’d love to check the names on a few of his palletes. like, what’s the hex code for a tokyo diamond?

another reason to support barely aged hydroponic is because he makes mutliple mentions to talapia. ever the trend setter, slightly younger than you might think prolly does this because he enjoys the flavor, not because it’s cool to rhyme about plates of fish, irregardless of it’s an emcee’s favorite dish.

[audio:EricBRakim – PaidInFull (Seven Minutes Of Madness).mp3]

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