take me out w/the fader.

Magic Angel

i used to fux w/the fader, hard. i’ve probably still got a few of those first issues in my closet. next to my lifesucksdie, old complex, a few issues of trace and other shit i used to pick up from tower on south st. tossed it in my bookbag, and was on my way. out of all of those mags, the only one i still get is marc ecko’s. i should probably give that up, too, seeing as though the complex blog is pretty good and that hypebeast gets me all the sneaker news i need.

fader deserves props for putting the mag up on itunes and consistently providing an audio mix that coincides w/every issue. i dig that and they deserve props for that. not to mention, they get past the job’s firewall and provided the vice do’s/don’ts worthy image above. dude is officially doin’ too much.

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